Potted Plants

We will continue selling our potted herbs and heirloom vegetables in the spring, selling at Horton Street Market in St. Thomas for the first five weeks of their season, beginning Mother’s Day weekend.

For more information about Horton Street Market, please visit their website. If you are interested in a 2018 plant list and a detailed description, please e-mail us by clicking here.

Cooking with Herbs

Herbs are a joy to grow, and even more of a joy to use! Growing your own is easy to do, and with a bit of experimenting you will be using them all in no time.

Another bonus of herbs is that they have no calories. This means that plants such as chocolate mint can be used in recipes in the place of chocolate, allowing you to enjoy the flavour even though you are eating healthier.

If you are a beginner, or someone who could use a bit of help, there is a list of some common kitchen herbs below, with a couple of not-so-common additions.

Picture of basil


Start with sweet basil. Once you're familiar with it, experiment with other varieties. Try fresh basil on a bagel with fresh tomatoes, or add it to an omelete, salad or pizza.

Picture of summery savory

Summer Savoury

A staple of East Coast cooking. More mild than winter savory, great on fish, this annual must be replanted every year.

Picture of sweet marjoram

Sweet Marjoram

Add to meat dishes, soups, breads, cheese dishes and more. It won't take you long to fall in love!

Picture of parsley


Curled, italian, plain or root, this herb is versatile. Don't hesitate to use it on anything.

Picture of rosemary


You have to bring this plant indoors over the winter, but that's great for using it all year round. Stews, chicken, with vegetables, or as a tea, rosemary is key.

Picture of chives


Use the flowers in salads, and the stem in everything else.